Lauren Strickland

Five Points Association

Well, I moved here this past summer, so I am brand new to Five Points and Columbia. I was born and raised in southwest Virginia and lived there for 23 years. When my parents both retired last year and moved away, I had no more ties there – so I started looking for a fresh start. My longtime boyfriend had moved here about a year prior and loves the area, so I figured it was time to make the move as well. About two months after settling in, I started teaching at South Carolina Dance Company in Lexington. I completely fell in love with the studio and people, and have been fortunate enough to stay there. At the beginning of 2015, I started working here as the Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of the Five Points Association.

I have completely fallen in love with Five Points and Columbia.

The biggest thing that I have taken away from my short time here is how welcoming this neighborhood has been to me. Every meeting I've been to, I've been welcomed with open arms. People support me – they know that I'm new and that I'm learning day by day. Everyone that I've met has been so good to me and I'm so appreciative of it because I think those qualities are hard to come by these days. It is definitely one thing about the Five Points family that is unique and wonderful.

  • Coffee Shops

    I frequent Drip and Starbucks. Amy Beth and I enjoy going out for our morning coffee when we can; we always see people we know along the way and in the shop. People seem to appreciate seeing us out and about, showing support for and being patrons of Five Points businesses. It's nice to take a little bit to just walk up and down Saluda Avenue, looking into storefront windows and enjoying a great cup of coffee.

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  • My First Event

    The St. Pat's Line-Up Announcement Party will always be special to me – it was my first event, just two weeks into working here. I got to have a big hand in organizing the setup and decoration of Delaney's for the event. As the night went on, I enjoyed going back and forth between supporting and enjoying the festivities, staying in contact with the local media, ensuring the performers were all set – really handling all the little things to help the night go smoothly. It was such a fun and successful event; especially since it's only the second year we've done it. The bar was full, the restaurant was packed, and the performers were awesome. We look forward to growing it even more next year. It was a really great event to help me get ahold of the ropes a little bit.

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  • Our Village Neighborhood

    I feel like this neighborhood is mine already – I feel protective over it. I have completely fallen in love with Five Points. Being new here and having a fresh pair of eyes, I'm able to see things differently and appreciate where Five Points is right now. On my breaks or as I run errands sometimes I find myself just driving around the streets here taking everything in. The fountains are absolutely gorgeous and it's incredible that the association had such a huge hand in their construction. It’s amazing to see such a self-sufficient organization bring great projects like this to life. I'm very, very proud to be part of something that is growing so much and has such a big part in the community.

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