Duncan MacRae

Duncan MacRae

I am a co-owner of Yesterday’s – a corner tavern with an American menu – along with my business partner Daryl Barnes and my brother, Scott MacRae. Daryl and I were working in hospitality and thinking about going out on our own. We decided to do it, and we looked for a place that had a state government, a big university and nearby neighborhoods, and Five Points fell into all of those categories.

We’ve been here so long that when the alumni are in town, they come back here. Sometimes people call us over and tell us, ‘I met my wife over there at that booth.

We bought the building in 1978 from a fellow who had an Italian restaurant here called Lombardi’s, and we spent the next three months re-doing it to look like an old English/New England kind of pub.

When we opened up the place, the beer delivery guy and the food delivery guy both wished us good luck because nothing had ever succeeded in this location. 37 years later, we are still here. The three of us make sure we have good service, plenty of decent food and reasonable prices. My grandfather was a European trained chef, and my dad was a salesman, so I guess the restaurant business in my blood.