Five Points Theater & Marquee

marquee / historic

Opening the doors in 1939 the Five Points Theater was a favorite spot for locals with tickets just nine cents! “Long before the days of popcorn ads and previews in the pre-show, Five Points Theater boasted a short live act before every film. Locals recall a woman named Ms. Ruth directing skits and telling stories for a half hour before the screening.”

As larger theaters emerged, the small size of the Five Points Theater became less appealing and its doors closed in 1960. Accessible from the adjoining alley, the upstairs was home to Stage Door – claimed to be the first bar to have sold a mixed drink in S.C. after the Legislature approved the sale of mini-bottles in 1973. Restored in 2000, you can find the original Five Points Theater marquee on the 600 block of Harden Street.

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