Logan the Leprechaun

You may have spotted Logan hanging around Five Points, but have you found all six!? Let the Great Five Points Leprechaun Hunt begin!

In celebration of St. Pat’s in Five Points, the annual event that brings thousands of local friends and travelers into the village to celebrate all things green and Gaelic, the Five Points Association placed bronze leprechaun statues around the neighborhood. These six leprechauns were hidden all around Five Points to continue to bring good luck and prosperity to the village while serving as a reminder of how important St. Pat’s in Five Points really is!

The planning for this annual festival begins 363 days in advance, for 1 day of celebration that fuels the neighborhood advancements year-round. But proceeds from the festival are not just used to keep Five Points viable, beautiful and supported throughout the year. St. Pat’s in Five Points enables the village to give back to the community and Columbia by donating over $30,000 year over year to local charities.
In an effort to commemorate the importance of this annual tradition and its impact, the Five Points Association through the Art for Public Spaces Grant from the Columbia Development Corporation in 2007, created and installed the bronze “Logans” throughout Five Points for people to enjoy for decades.