Blossom Street Train Trestle

Train Trestle

A welcoming gateway, the Blossom Street Train Trestle is one of the entry points into Five Points and a pathway between the University of South Carolina and the commercial and entertainment district. The Blossom Street Train Trestle project was completed in three phases:

  • Stripping and repainting of the buttresses on either side of the train tracks -Completed November 2016
  • Planting of new planters surrounding the entire train trestle, and irrigation installation – Completed April 2017
  • Pressure washing and painting of the steel overpass, followed by the installation of lettering reading “Five Points” on both sides – Completed July 2018

With the completion of the final phase, the Five Points Association became the first group in South Carolina to complete a train trestle beautification; a project that would not have been possible without the generous support of Richland County and the City of Columbia.